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Simple, Fast & Robust APIs

The CitiConnect® APIs help enable faster onboarding and a simplified implementation process, by allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate with Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions. The APIs are available in common message formats for ease of use.
What you can find on the API developer portal:

  • API product overviews
  • Documentation and easy-use guides
  • Details on access and authentication mechanisms
  • Tutorials and code-guides on mechanisms to embed APIs

Active API Products

  • The Authentication API is the gateway to the CitiConnect infrastructure, generating an authentication token that allows you to logon and access the full suite of CitiConnect API services.
    The Authentication APIs used for authorization and authentication of API requests and is the essential starting point for invoking all other CitiConnect APIs.
  • The Payment Services API is used to initiate and track payments quickly and securely across 96+ countries, 130+ currencies. You can Transfer money between accounts and make payments to third parties around the globe in real time, as well as track the status of transactions, from initiation to completion.
  • Payment Initiation
  • Payment Status Inquiry
  • Instant Payments
  • The Account Services API lets you consume account balance and statement information when you need it, directly into your application.
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Statement Initiation
  • Statement Retrieval
  • The Self Service API extends the functionality of your application and can reduce costs while increasing speed and efficiency in your transaction processing and cash management activities..
  • Payment Cutoff Time Inquiry
  • Branch Holiday Inquiry
  • Proof Of Payment Inquiries
  • BE Reports Inquiry API
  • The WorldLink® Services API gives you direct access to Citi’s WorldLink®Payment Services, a global cross-currency payment solution that helps make cross-border payments simple, flexible and secure.
  • WorldLink FX Rate Inquiry
  • WorldLink Payment Initiation
  • WorldLink Payment Status Inquiry
  • The Request to Pay API allows you to initiate and track India Unified Payments Interface (UPI) collection requests quickly and securely.
  • UPI RTP - Collection Initiation API
  • UPI RTP - Transaction Inquiry API
  • RTP - Collection Inquiry
  • RTP - Collection Request
  • RTP - Collection Response
  • The trade API allows customers to access the same functionality via the API channel that they currently access via CitiDirect on-line so that they can perform Guarantee/SBLC management functions like :
  • a. Initiation of a new Guarantee/SBLC
    (with Guarantee/SBLC text specified either as an attached PDF or in a specific field in the API call)
    b. Request to download details of a Guarantee/SBLC from CitiDirect (including any supporting documents)
    c. Request to amend / cancel an existing Guarantee/SBLC
    d. Status information on Guarantee/SBLC lifecycle (via both Push (web hooks) and Pull). Status to support CitiDirect statuses shown for Guarantee/SBLC initiation, cancellation and amendment.
  • Trade Initiation
  • Trade Inquiry
  • We are extending payment exchange features to our external clients through CitiConnect API at a global platform. Through this payment exchange capability via CitiConnect API, clients can efficiently manage the campaign and seamless payment processing. Clients can use their partner application to initiate request under the payment exchange that directly can float to payment exchange system for seamless and faster processing.
  • Retrieve Beneficiary Details API
  • Retrieve Consumer Campaign History API
  • Retrieve Campaign History API
  • Create Update Beneficiary API